Winter is coming… and so is ice.

And unfortunately it’s not that good Sonic ice. It’s the burst your home’s water pipes kind of ice and there’s nothing refreshing about a flooded house.

Here’s a few tips from some great sources to help ensure you enjoy a warm and catastrophe-free winter.


Keeping Pipes Warm During Cold Spells

Seven tips from HGTV to help ensure your pipes don’t turn your home into a winter wonderland.

Winterize Your Car

A checklist from Nationwide Insurance to prepare your ride for taking on the cold.

Keep Your Pipes from Freezing

Another, more in-depth article from Consumer Reports on winterizing and even thawing pipes.

Protect Your Home from Winter Weather

The most in-depth of the bunch, this article from the Insurance Information Institute prepares your whole home for winter.

At this time of year, we always begin to see insurance claims of burst water pipes and water damage flood in. No pun intended. While we always do everything in our power to help when things go wrong, we can probably all agree that you’d prefer to avoid disaster rather than clean up after it.

If things do go wrong and you need to file a claim, you can find your insurer’s claim reporting right here.

Stay safe and stay warm out there!