Insurance is awful.

Yeah, I said it.

The only people who like insurance are insurance agents.

Insurance is filled with a bunch of jargon no one really understands. It can be expensive. There’s plenty of shady insurance agents out there that give the whole thing a bad rep. All around, insurance doesn’t have the most stellar reputation.

Why jump on board with that?

Why work in an industry that sells products no one really wants to buy, but everyone is kind of forced to have? Sounds super fun, right?

Real talk: Insurance isn’t getting any easier to understand or more fun to purchase anytime soon. It’s only increasing in complexity. No one is ever going to feel great about buying it no matter how many feel-good ads insurance companies and agencies cram on TV or YouTube.

It ain’t happenin’.

But, let’s say you’re job hunting and for whatever reason, you’ve stumbled upon this article. Here are a few reasons why insurance buying may be awful, but it can actually be an excellent career choice.

It’s Stable

Anyone looking for some stability?

If you’ve lived through any portion of this century, you’ve seen no shortage of massive social, political, and marketplace upheavals. Stability of any kind is a plus.

Insurance has been and continues to be a resilient and financially stable industry. That’s not always easy to find in today’s job market.

While stability is great, there’s also plenty of mobility for anyone willing to innovate and modernize even on an individual office level. Stable doesn’t mean stagnant. If you’re at all interested in business processes, technology, business culture, analytics, digital communications, marketing, or research, it’s an excellent time to be in insurance. It’s an industry with a lot of legacy systems in place that are either currently being modernized or are in desperate need of people to propel that modernization.

Apparently, around 50% of the insurance workforce will be ready to retire by the end of the decade. Legacy agencies with owners and senior management nearing retirement (There are a lot out there right now.) are ripe with opportunities for younger, tech-savvy individuals. Those retiring owners are looking for the right people to succeed them and perpetuate their agencies after they’re gone fishing. Future ownership opportunities abound.

It’s Helping

Insurance agents and support staff exist to help.

Yes, it’s a business and businesses want to make money. That’s a given, but agencies work directly with their clients both to protect their homes, families, assets, and businesses and to mediate between them and the enormous insurance companies that actually provide insurance policies.

In case you weren’t sure, a local insurance agency doesn’t actually provide insurance policies or set their price. The agency is just an intermediary or middle man. Just like a lawyer is an intermediary between you and the court or an accountant is a middle man between you and the IRS, an agent performs the same function. It’s good to have an intermediary. We actually get to help people one-on-one through some very annoying and sometimes catastrophic life events.

Pyron Group and Pyron Coastal regularly make charitable contributions to and volunteer time at local charities. We also sponsor and participate in lots of community events like local festivals, school sports, and community organizations. AT its core, insurance should be about helping people. A good agency should participate in and be of service to its community.

 There Are Options

While agents, producers, or salespeople (whatever you want to call them) are the most visible part of insurance, there are a ton of behind-the-scenes roles that really keep things going. Getting into the insurance industry doesn’t just mean sales.

There are account manager/customer service positions for both personal and business insurance. Personal lines like individual homeowners and auto insurance are typically separate from commercial lines (business insurance) because the knowledge base and skillset for each role are totally different. These are the folks that work one-on-one with clients on a day-to-day basis and form a real working relationship.

Marketers (not to be confused with marketing/advertising) work directly with insurance brokers and the insurance companies themselves. They don’t necessarily work with clients. They have a lot of technical knowledge of commercial insurance and cultivate business-to-business relationships.

There’s also a huge need for marketing and advertising. Independent insurance agencies especially have a need for in-house marketing. Though it’s not a role many agencies seek out, they all know they absolutely need to market and advertise in their local area and they know they need help. If you’re skilled in marketing and advertising, there’s opportunity in insurance.

It’s Not That Awful

If you’re ambitious, entrepreneurial, hope to own your own business or just want to be part of a team in a solid industry, give insurance a look. Opportunities in service, sales, technology, marketing, and future ownership are here like never before. We’re always looking for talented, ambitious people to join our team. Check out our current career opportunities or send over a resume anytime.

Zac Little at Pyron Group Insurance

Pyron Group & Pyron Coastal are an affiliate of Leavitt Group. A national company with over 185 locations in 26 states. It’s a large, stable, and really fun company to work for!

Go ahead and apply!