Those vet bills add up quickly

Pet Insurance

You may have never thought that your lovable non-human companion(s) can have insurance of their own. Whether four-legged and furry, feathered, or scaled, pet insurance helps cover the cost of their doctor and hospital visits, just like your personal health insurance.

Like human health insurance, things like age and pre-existing conditions matter. It’s best to look into pet insurance at an early age if possible. The sooner you get your pet insured, the more affordable it’s likely to be.

However, Nationwide will cover your pet up to age 10, so unless your pup or kitty is a real senior, it’s always good to check out your pet insurance options.

Pet insurance quotes are always free, there aren’t a ton of questions to answer, and it can all be done either online or on the phone, so it’s not going to cost you anything in time or money.

The Best Pet Insurance by Nationwide

Nationwide offers America’s longest-lived pet insurance program. It’s super easy to get a quote and purchase a policy online. Check it out!

Which pet insurance is the best?

Our choice: Nationwide pet insurance ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Nationwide pet insurance

In 1982, the very first pet insurance policy in America was issued to none other than television’s Lassie by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI). Pet insurance, already popular in other countries, instantly caught-on in the U.S. Fast-forward to 2008, and VPI joined the Nationwide family of companies.

Those decades of VPI’s pet insurance experience and Nationwide’s excellent personal and business insurance service give them a leg up on other pet insurers.

Nationwide’s pet insurance highlights

  • Use YOUR vet. Continue using your primary vet. You can also visit any licensed veterinarian anywhere in the world–even specialists and emergency providers.
  • Exotic pet coverage. Only Nationwide covers your bird, rabbit, reptile, or other exotic pet. Just call 888-899-4874 and mention Pyron Group Insurance.
  • Multiple plan options:
  •  The Whole Pet with Wellness® plan covers accidents, illnesses, and wellness care.
  •  The Major Medical plan covers accidents and illnesses only.
  •  The Pet Wellness plan covers routine stuff like checkups and vaccinations.
  • The 24/7 VetHelpline gives you instant access to a national network of veterinarians. You get live help with any pet health concern, including identifying urgent care needs.

How does it work?

It’s surprisingly simple actually.

  1. You pay for your vet or specialist visit.
  2. Send in a claim form along with the vet’s invoice.
  3. Your claim is processed, and you’re reimbursed either electronically or with a mailed check, usually within 30 days.

That’s it!

What Does Nationwide’s Pet Insurance Cover?

What’s covered depends on the plan you choose. Check out a detailed breakdown of Nationwide’s pet insurance plans here.

Get a Quick & Easy Quote

Nationwide’s pet insurance portal will ask you just a few questions and you’ll get a quote on affordable coverage for your pet.

Are exotic pets covered with pet insurance?

Nationwide is one of the only pet insurers that will cover non-canine or feline pets. Birds, rabbits, snakes, reptiles, whatever. (Are rabbits really that exotic?) You’ll need to speak with one of Nationwide’s pet insurance specialists to get the specifics on structuring a plan for your exotic pet insurance. Just call 888-899-4874, mention Pyron Group Insurance, and they will walk you through the process.

Amphibians Goats Rats
Birds Guinea Pigs Rabbits
Chameleons Lizards Snakes
Chinchillas Mice Sugar Gliders
Ferrets Opossums Tortoises
Geckos Potbellied Pigs Turtles

Is there a waiting period for pet insurance?

Once your application is approved and payment is received, the Whole Pet with Wellness® and Major Medical plans have a 14 day waiting period before pet insurance coverage begins. The Pet Wellness plan coverage begins 24 hours after your application is approved and payment is received. Best Pet Insurance Companies in Mississippi badge

Nationwide's Online Pet Portal

Answer just a few questions and you’ll be on your way to coverage for your furry friend.