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Crane Industry Insurance

Crane industry insurance is for a number of different types of businesses and individuals. Cranes and operators for hire, crane repair services, riggers, and crane rental operations need a few different insurance policies to protect their operations. Crane repair or rental operations, licensed crane operators, and master riggers also need commercial insurance.

  • Mobile & Tower Crane Operators
  • Crane Rental Operations
  • Crane Repair Operations
  • Boom Truck Operator
  • Service Truck Crane Operations
  • Crane Inspectors & Lift Directors
  • Concrete Pump Truck Operators
  • Heavy Haul Trucking Operations
  • Specialized Transportation Operations
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Crane industry insurance coverages you need

General Liability
Commercial general liability covers damage to property or bodily injury insurance claims as a result of your business operations. If a property is damaged or a person is accidentally injured by the operation of a crane, general liability covers the losses.

Riggers Liability
Riggers who lift heavy and expensive equipment such as commercial air conditioning units are liable for damages to goods on the hook or while in transit. They should have a riggers liability policy to cover any potential damage to others’ property they are lifting, hauling, or moving. Riggers liability isn’t the same as general liability. It is a specialized policy that either stands alone or is sometimes added as an endorsement to a general liability policy.

Workers Compensation
Crane and rigging operations have their own set of risks and dangers. Most states have laws that require companies to have a workers compensation policy. Workers compensation or workers comp insurance replaces wages and provides medical benefits to employees who suffer an on-the-job injury regardless of fault. Employees who accept workers comp relinquish their rights to sue their employer for negligence.

Commercial Property
Insurance that protects your property in the event of damage or theft.

Learn more about commercial property insurance here.

Inland Marine
Covers equipment that isn’t a permanent part of a specific location. Inland Marine, also called a cargo policy, protects a customer’s goods and property while in transit. Warehouse liability can also be part of this policy to cover goods in storage.

Commercial Auto
Commercial auto coverage insures vehicles owned, leased, hired, or borrowed by businesses. Auto liability insurance is needed to cover cranes driving on public roads. It works the same way as liability insurance for a cargo truck or passenger vehicle.

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Commercial umbrella insurance covers losses and lawsuits that exceed your primary insurance coverage. It is a separate policy over and above general liability intended to protect your business against gaps in coverage and is often required for proper crane and rigging liability coverage on most projects.

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Additional coverages to consider

Equipment Breakdown
Covers events excluded by other policies, such as an explosion.

Business Interruption
Covers loss of earnings if your business income is affected by equipment failures and repairs.

Equipment Floater
An addition to inland marine insurance that covers equipment while it’s being transported between jobs.

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