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by Zac Little & Joe Joe Tharp

Golf carts ain’t cheap! And neither are legal fees.

How are golf carts and legal problems related? Well, golf carts have a funny habit of being piloted by posses of underage kids or that brother-in-law who had a few too many at the family get-together. A whole host of people who are not the highly-responsible primary owner.

Golf cart insurance is crucial not only to protect your investment but to minimize potential liabilities and sky-high legal or medical expenses. Some people assume adding their golf cart to their home insurance policy is sufficient. Having separate golf cart insurance is usually better.

A golf cart insurance policy ensures that you have specific coverage tailored to the unique risks of golf carts, like collisions, theft, and liability while driving on public roads. A dedicated policy also provides more comprehensive protection, including coverage for damage or injuries that may occur on the golf course or during transportation.

What’s the best golf cart insurance?

Golf cart insurance is pretty affordable. If you’ve invested in one, it’s likely you can also afford to protect it with a golf cart policy. It’s not so much about having the best insurance as it is about having a cart policy in the first place.

By having golf cart insurance listed on its own policy, you can have peace of mind knowing that you actually have coverage and avoid potential coverage gaps that may arise from relying solely on home insurance. Your homeowners insurance policy isn’t really designed to deal with the risks of you, your buddies, and your kids zooming around the neighborhood or country club in a tiny yet dangerous car.

Typically, homeowners insurance policies provide liability coverage for some incidents that occur off-premises, including some golf cart incidents. However, it’s important to review the specific terms and conditions of your homeowners policy to determine if it extends coverage for golf cart incidents off your property. Most homeowners insurance policies exclude vehicle coverage, including golf carts and ATVs registered for use on public roads.

If you drive a golf cart on public roads or streets, you must have liability insurance to comply with Mississippi state regulations. Liability insurance helps protect you financially by covering the costs of property damage or bodily injury you may cause while operating the golf cart. It also covers personal injury if you or your passengers are injured in a carting accident.

Country Club Residents Who Own Personal Golf Carts:

Yes, golf cart owners living in a country club may still need their own cart insurance. While some country clubs may have insurance coverage that extends to golf carts used within their premises, it’s essential to verify the specifics with the club management or insurance provider. Even if there is some coverage provided by the country club, it may not be sufficient to address all potential risks. A separate golf cart policy ensures comprehensive protection tailored to your specific needs, covering potential damages, theft, liability, and other risks associated with carts. It’s always wise to consult an insurance professional to assess your requirements and determine the most appropriate coverage for your golf cart.