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Cameron Farmer is both an agent and our agency Sales Manager. He’s inspired by the variety of clients and businesses he works with, loves learning what’s important to them, and experiencing the broad range of perspectives they all provide. We’re not sure when Cameron isn’t working, but whenever that is, he’s passionate about cooking and sharing his love of sports with his children. It’s unlikely you will catch Cameron without his trusty 30oz. YETI Rambler of crisp, clean water to keep him firing on all cylinders.

Cameron’s Faves

Cast Iron

WW2 History



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Cameron is an CrossFitter. Since 2013, Coyote Fitness has helped people get in the shape of their life, at their own pace, in a supportive community.

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Cameron is a mentor in State Auto Insurance’s prestigious PaceSetter Program. The program is a year-long intensive training commitment for agents and mentors alike.

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